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With of the owners of the collections sold. DEM 140 (out-of-print at the date of publication; antiquarian only) Bibliography. 9.000 auction prices of coins from Brutus, Caius Antonius, Cassius, Cleopatra, Cnaeus Pompey jr., Cornuficius, Domitius, Fulvia, Julius Caesar, Labienus, Lepidus, Lucius Antony, Mark Antony, Murcus, Octavia, Pompey the Great, Sextus Pompey etc. Alle Preise zum besseren Vergleich umgerechnet in USD. Hammer prices realized from more than 200 international public auctions held world-wide during 1995 1996.195 reviews by 100 named reviewers collected & reprinted in full; reviews dealing with Mr. Englische Sprache, Vorwort in deutsch franzsisch italienisch spanisch dnisch. 10.000 auction prices of coins from Agrippa, Augustus, Britannicus, Caligula, Civil Wars, Claudius, Clodius Macer, Domitian, Drusus, Gaius, Galba, Germanicus, Hadrian, Livia, Nero, Nerva, Otho, Tiberius, Titus, Trajan, Vespasian, Vitellius., London 1997, 525 [50] pp, bound. I: 10.000 hammer prices realized for coins put on sale in 251 international public auctions held during 19.7.000 auksjonspriser p pengesedler fra Danmark 1713-1813(14)-1996, Dansk Vest India 1775-1935, Fryene 1809-1996, Grnland 1803-1967, Island 1778-1944-1996, Norge 1695-1807-1996, Finland 1811-1917-1996, Sverige 1657-1996, Oslo 1997, 239 [48] pp, gebunden. POW: Buchenwald, Brabag, Junkers Flugzeug- & Motorenwerke, Langenwerke, Dachau, Dora-Sangerhausen, Ernst Heinkel, Flossenbrg, Neuengamme, Nordhausen, Ravensbrck, Sachsenhausen, Operation Bernhard, Auschwitz, Birkenau, K. Bu, Gross Rosen, Stutthof, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Mhlberg, Port Kunda. DEM 140 Festschrift on the occasion of the 100th year of The Danish Numismatic Society/Societ Danoise de Numismatique/Dnische Gesellschaft fr Numismatik, founded 1885. Accounts and balance sheets as well as annual reports for all 25 years is published.

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Look up for yourself what the market pays for your coins or check how rare your coins are. I: 10.000 Auktionsergebnisse fr Mnzen, erzielt auf 251 internationalen ffentlichen Auktionen weltweit 1995 1996. Jrg.]: Atlas de l'Archologie du Nord reprsentant des chantillons de l'Age de Bronze et de l'Age de Fer / Atlas for Nordisk Oldkyndighed fremstillende Prver fra Bronzealderen og fra Jernalderen, Copenhague 1857, 10 pp, 7 15 copper engraved plates, folio. from WESTERMARK, ULLA: The coinage of the Chalcidian league reconsidered; KROMANN, ANNE: Greek and Phoenician letters on Aradian tetradrachms; NORDB, JAN H.: The imperial silver coinage of Amisus 131/2-137/8 A.We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians. Each of us regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s Kingdom. SILVEGREEN: Ett litet mynt frn Verona; TORBJRN SUNDQUIST: Ngra kommentarer kring ett brev frn Elias Brenner till Otto Sperling 1705; TUUKKA TALVIO: Naginsjtjina 1895: ett fynd med danska mynt frn Ingermanland; IAN WISHN: Svenska medaljkonstnrer sker danska motiv; MAJVOR STERGREN KENNETH JONSSON: Varfr fick Gotland dansk myntrkning vid 1400-talets mitt ? ) kopiering af norske Christiania-kroner fra Frederik III 1669 og Christian V 1670, 1672 og 1679. Faksimiltryck ur Sveriges Medeltid av Hans Hildebrand Stockholm 1879-1903 med tillgg av register och frteckningar, Gteborg 1969, paginated 771-927, XXXII pp index, ill. Jahrhunderts); MARK BLACKBURN: A East Anglian variety of thelrd IIs last small cross type; HANS-ULRICH GEIGER: Schweizerische Mnzen aus den Vikingerzeitlichen Funden Estlands; BIRGITTA HRDH: Baltic connections and silver hoards.

664) Kyhlberg, Ola: Late roman and byzantine solidi, an archaeological analysis of coins and hoards, 114 pp ill., Stockholm 1986. together with Hovn, Bengt E.: The Sasanian and islamic coins, 6 pp together with Malmer, Brita: West european silver coins at Helg, 4 pp., ill. Some speculations on the use of silver in the Baltic region; GERT HATZ: Zur Mnzprgung Herzog Lothars von Sachsen; VERA HATZ: Die Otto-Adelheid-Pfennige in den Mnzfunden Estlands; PETER ILISCH: Die S/COLONIA/A-Prgung Knig Heinrichs II (1002-1014); EUGENIJUS IVANAUSKAS: Johan Dila a Vilnius master of coins and medals; JRGEN STEEN JENSEN: Late-medieval Estonian coins in Danish hoards and finds; KENNETH JONSSON: The early gote; BRITA MALMER: Some long cross imitations found in Estonia; JENS CHRISTIAN MOESGAARD: Stray finds of Carolingian coins in Upper Normandy, France; ARKADI MOLVGIN: A unique hoard from Estonia; MIHHAIL NEMIROVITS-DANTSENKO: Zur Datierung der Seestlinge; FRANZISKUS PRN: Zur Geschichte der livlndischen Numismatik; BORYS PASZKIEWICZ: The coins of the Jedrzejw Abbey; GERALD STEFKE: Der Beginn der Sterling-Prgung in Lund und das Ende der Mnzsttte Nstved. Jahrhunderts im regnum Dacie und im stlichen Norddeutschland; STANISLAW SUCHODOLSKI: Coin hoards discovered in churches a symptom of cult or economy ?

Referenznummern fr: RIC / BMC / Cohen / Sear / Seaby / Kankelfitz. Festschrift on the occasion of Rudi Thomsen's 70th birthday. D.; BRUUN, PATRICK: The Heraclean coinage of Maximinus Daza; CHRISTIANSEN, ERIK: From Zega to the present day.

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