Non validating sax parser

14-Apr-2016 19:01

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Guidelines for using W3C XML Schema Datatypes with RELAX NG, OASIS Committee Specification, 7 September 2001. RELAX NG Workshop sample client application also available.

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The user types a WXS schema in this web form, and gets a RELAX NG schema with the convert button. Instance To Schema, a tool to generate a RELAX NG schema from XML instances. RELAX NG Tutorial (errata), OASIS Committee Specification, 3 December 2001. More recent, but not officially approved Working Draft, 26 March 2003 also available RELAX NG Compact Syntax Tutorial, OASIS Working Draft, 26 March 2003. Tutorial for RELAX NG using the compact syntax, not assuming prior knowledge of XML syntax. Also supports other schema languages including W3C XML Schema. Proof of concept implementation of the idea of embedding XML processing pipelines in a grammar.

Maneki Neko, Xerces parser configuration that supports RELAX NG validation.

ISO/IEC 19757-2: Amd1 Document Schema Definition Language (DSDL) -- Part 2: Regular-grammar-based validation -- RELAX NG -- Amendment 1: Compact Syntax.