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He recalls the highs and lows of touring with Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, and explains how he and drummer Paul Cook picked themselves up again to form the power-pop-leaning post-punk group the Professionals. When your stepfather fiddles you when you're 10, you get confused, and I was confused about my sexuality for years, when I was, like, 10 through 15. I just turned into a kleptomaniac and a sex addict. But that's not to say it made me a drug addict or an alcoholic; I think I already had that gene. I've dealt with it in therapy 15, 20 years ago. But when I was a kid, the last thing I was thinking of was other people's feelings. Going back to your kleptomania, you wrote about it with a reserved fondness in the book. I said, "Well, say something." So he said, "Give me a hundred bucks." So I gave him 200 bucks, and he was chuffed. It didn't bother you that you were ripping off someone you looked up to? It was just a way of being closer to the idols, I suppose. But the thing is, it wasn't really his stuff that got stolen. You pulled off that heist in 1973 and used the gear yourself with the Pistols. John Lydon wrote in one of his books that Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister tried to teach him bass. Maybe Lemmy did, but I attempted to show him where to put his fingers. He also discusses his solo works, producing gigs and current stint hosting Jonesy's Jukebox on L. I'm 100 percent not gay at all, but it steers you in a weird direction. When did you realize that the abuse led you to kleptomania and sex addiction? When I was a kleptomaniac, it didn't seem like I was doing anything wrong. Did you ever tell your mother about your stepfather? My therapist at the time advised me to do it, so I explained in the letter what I felt about it. What strikes you as your most audacious criminal act? A few years later you met the man you nicknamed "Johnny Rotten" because of his teeth. Perfect featuring only the best hot girls on the net.Enjoy our hand selected porn videos and sex photos for free.A.'s KLOS, and ends the book with a surprisingly detailed appendix listing dozens of "Things That Are Not Rock & Roll," such as sandals and selfies. "It's funny when you get guys who are bald to try to cover it up with hats and stuff. I knew it was wrong, but nothing stopped me from doing it. Kleptomania gave me something to do every day when I woke up in the morning. When I think about it now, I wish I wouldn't have done it. Would it be the Bowie heist, where you took gear right off his stage at the next-to-last Ziggy gig? I was a complete fan and what's funny was I had Tony Visconti and the drummer, Woody Woodmansey, on my radio show and I made amends with Woody for stealing his cymbals. It just looks stupid."As a whole, the book provides a fresh look at the punk movement 40 years removed from the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, and it presents an unflinching, sometimes even uncomfortable self-portrait of Steve Jones. It was just a weird time, and just in two weeks – however long we was in the States. It's just our marriage went wrong and we got divorced. After the Sex Pistols, you and Paul Cook formed the Professionals, but the group didn't last long. You wrote that something that bugged you about punk is how it seemed like you weren't supposed to want money or enjoy success. Well it came from all the other punk bands at the time, the Clash, with the lyrics. But apart from the money, there's no difference between Led Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols. I appreciate now what John did by suing Mc Laren [for rights to the band's music]. What have you made of the way Malcolm and Vivienne Westwood's fashion sense still resonates with punk today? Gucci just did a whole campaign with bondage pants. It seems like it's here to stay with all this pop culture. Then there are bands like Exploited who have hung onto the look since '79 and groups like Green Day with spiky hair. Punk died out in the Eighties as metal got bigger, but bands like Megadeth, Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses covered your songs. Well I was kind of doing that when I came to America with my long hair. We could have huddled 'round and talked about it. It was all over the place, and America just made it worse, because we weren't used to this big country and all the attention. I wouldn't be doing it to set the world on fire. He's my oldest, closest friend, so it could be a possibility if it's not too much of a headache. It was a different vibe from Led Zeppelin, it was a different thing. For me, Malcolm was a buddy of mine before the band started so I was more loyal to him, even though he did some shitty things. I just wouldn't have done that personally because of my relationship with Mc Laren. You could walk down the street in bondage pants or have your hair pink and no one would even look twice. One of my regrets is walking away from the Sex Pistols in San Francisco [after the final concert in 1978]. I wish we would've went back and had a breather.

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He recounts how he stole gear from David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust farewell shows in 1973 and other gigs to fence or to use in his own nascent group, which became the Sex Pistols. For years, I put it in the back of my mind, and for many years, I didn't talk about it. Most boys, when stuff like this happens, turn it into anger or frustration. Did you ever get any sense of what she thought of the Sex Pistols? It was probably bittersweet because I was famous, but not famous in a good way. You talk to her about the weather, and if you get any deeper than that, she shuts down. I think he knew in some way or another that it was me. I wish I had that little one, though, with his lipstick on it. It was like, "You're Sid Vicious, now do something vicious."You wrote that it took you a while to feel remorse over Sid's death. He is in a way, but not being known for anything other than Sid Vicious. I think he got slung in the deep end too quick and couldn't keep up – like all of us, in a way, but we had a little bit more experience than him. I would put bits of tape where to put your fingers but ... I didn't want to be teaching someone else how to play bass. It bothered me when he first joined the band because he was getting more attention than me, but now I look back and I can see why.

Steve Jones, born in London but a Los Angeleno for decades, is considering a move to what he describes as the "middle of nowhere" in northern California. Well, we was planning to go to Brazil anyway to do a movie, The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. We wasn't even talking about that at that point. In your book, you wrote about how you were not sentimental about the New York Dolls when Malcolm gave you Sylvain Sylvain's guitar, but are you more sentimental about Sid's bass? I just happen to have it and I haven't sold it yet. What strikes you about it when you listen to it now? That's when I had the most fun and could be the most creative. I have no desire to speak to him and he has no desire to speak to me. If we were making Rolling Stones money, that would be different. I was flattered that they wanted to do Sex Pistols songs, "Anarchy" and Anthrax did "God Save the Queen." I was even more flattered when Guns N' Roses did a song I wrote, "Black Leather," on their covers album, Spaghetti Incident.

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