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During their hiatus, Rowland released her debut solo album Simply Deep (2002), which sold 2.5 million copies worldwide and produced the number-one single "Dilemma" with Nelly, as well as the international top-ten hit "Stole".

Rowland also transitioned into acting, with guest appearances in television sitcoms, and starring roles in Freddy vs.

Wynter is a visual director, so when she writes her scripts she has a very clear idea of what she wants the finished piece to look like prior to production down to color, mood, shot placement/order, and even editing style and pacing.

She believes interpretation to be an extension of her work.

The album featured some of the group's most widely known songs such as "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Jumpin' Jumpin'" and "Say My Name", which became their most-successful song at the time, and would remain as one of their signature songs.

In 2014, Fuse ranked Rowland in their "100 Most Award-Winning Artists" list at number 20. West coast R&B producer, Arne Frager, flew to Houston to see them and eventually brought them to his studio, The Plant Recording Studio, in Northern California.She writes something she is passionate about, and then conveys it through visual correlation, but feels it becomes art when it is taken in by other’s eyes and processed in their minds and thought about later.