Mpd database not updating

29-Mar-2016 13:08

It it recommended to make a backup of DB manually at Easy MPD WEB GUI after you finish the first DB Update.You should avoid instructing DB Update when the DB Update is being done currently.But using MPD you can view the list faster than any other player. Here you will see how MPD DB is operating in Easy MPD. But if you lack understanding how the MPD DB is used, it will interfere with your pleasant music life.I'm trying to get ncmpcpp setup on my Linux computer, but I'm more lost than a blind dude in the ocean right now.I have all the components installed, but I'm having trouble getting my music database in mpd updated properly.The much more music files make bigger size of DB file. As mentioned above, MPD tries to find existing DB file when it runs. Specific methods vary depending on the MPD Client, but all MPD Client has the ability to order the DB Update to MPD at Alix.

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If you've used other music players, you know that you need a patience in order to view the list of song, album or artist if you have a lot of music files. In fact, most of the problems occur using the Alix caused by the lack of understanding of the MPD DB.With this DB file, MPD user can select a song at MPD Client (remote control program for MPD) and MPD can find the song selected by the user.If you look into the folder registered as DB Backup directory at Easy MPD, you can find "tag_cache" file in "db" folder. If you open this file with text editor you will notice that it is just a plain text file.MPD (Music Player Daemon) tries to find existing DB file every time it runs.

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If it cannot find the DB file it will create a new one. The DB file contains the tag and path information of music files.

A more serious problem, the empty DB is copied to DB Backup directory in real time. The DB file saved in DB Backup directory is not safe.