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Pros and Cons: Like all films based on real events, there are elements of this film that are controversial or outright fictionalised, particularly surrounding the need to create a hero role in Kenny O’Donnell that requires other real-life participants’ roles to be side-lined. It’s not often you see a contemporary, realistic (never mind actually historical) film that deals with people literally trying to save the world, the sort of stakes usually reserved for science fiction and fantasy.The performances are all excellent, but more importantly, the tension is ratcheted up throughout so that, like fellow historical drama Apollo 13, no amount of knowing how it ends can quite kill off the conviction that this time it might all go horribly wrong…When not-so-popular Duncan Fletcher sees her at the mall, not recognizing her, he asks her if she would like to go with him to his prom. Duncan is astounded when he finds out Hallie is the president's daughter, but continues with the date after negotiating with the president.

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If all this politics is leaving you rather confused, now would be a good time to pick up a suitably presidential film to get yourself in the mood – and so here are our picks of some great movies about US presidents.

Genre: Drama Headline News: Everyone has secrets that can and will be used against them in the race for their party’s nomination! Ultimately it depends whether you lean towards Republicans or Democrats. Defining moment: Using pen and paper and on the advice of his accountant, in a cabinet meeting full of journalists, Dave successfully juggles the budget until there’s room to maintain the shelter for homeless children he recently visited. The story may not be remotely plausible but it doesn’t need to be – this is a feel-good fairy tale and on that level it’s a delight.

Defining moment: Utterly disillusioned by the discovery that no politician, including her friend Jack for whom she herself has done some thoroughly questionable things, is above using dirty tactics, political operative Libby Holden kills herself. It’s also hilarious, Kline doing some fabulous dorky comedy as he sings to himself or tries to hide his manhood when his supposed wife surprises him in the shower.

Fortunately, geeky Duncan has the same goal When they finally get to the date however, a series of incidents could seriously damage the relationship..national security.

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Friedle starred as Cory's brother, Eric (Ben Savage), while Harnois played Missy Robinson, the girl who kisses Cory while Topanga (Danielle Fishel) is sick in season 3, episode 9.The young(ish) and the foreign may be left rather confused by the film’s constant assumption that everyone watching it knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Headline News: Aliens are attacking every country on the planet and only an American geek, an American fighter pilot, an American crop duster and the American president can save us! Fictional President of Unknown Affiliation Thomas J Whitmore. It depends how you feel about really cheesy speeches. Headline News: JFK was assassinated by a huge conspiracy that goes right to the top! Pros and Cons: Whatever you think of the real life politics of the thing, this is a master-class in how to make a conspiracy movie (and provides the name for our second the film isn’t so much about the president himself as the events and people surrounding him, but the legacy of what JFK’s presidency meant to his supporters (including director Oliver Stone) is ultimately what gives this film its power.

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