Monica dating rocko updating xbox without internet

18-Jul-2015 07:01

That was just a quick way to say, ‘I know what’s taking place on the Web sites.

I want you to know that I’m okay.’ But it really is a private matter.

But I forgot he cheat too so maybe not him but someone good looking like him. They need to upgrade..themselves together and put a handle on it. They go through the same issues as everyday people,minus the statis. smh..think everything is a publicity stunt.isnt gon make me run out to buy the album.tho im gettin it anyway! Whatever decision that you make is your own decision. If the relationship is still meant to be it will be. Sometimes men do not realize what they have or had until it's gone. Anyway, I wish Monica the best cause I loved her since she first came out and after watching her show I have a lot of respect for her because she seems really sincere and real. Forget the trifling men involved, Is the world really that overpopulated with sluts, tramps and whores that will sleep with a man who's married or in a commitment AND with children? Again I say where are those damn scarlet letters when you need them? Everyone else is just always out to cash in on a sad situation as is all NEWS.

I watched Monica's reality show and his vibe was off from the gate. She has two precious little boys to worry about now and I am so, so sorry that children are involved but when you are not equally yoke....there's problems What she NEEDS to do is get it poppin with that fine piece of chocolate Ochocinco!!! I really loved seeing you and your family together and you all were so happy. Who the fudge is Rocko and how does he merit rumors about his sex life being passed around the internet? Yo Monica U can do better, but as they say Love must be Blind. We should make these ho's register when they move into our neighborhoods like sex offenders. @neverjudgeme,if its so much of a "pieceofpaper" why even bother getting engaged?

I'm Monica biggest fan and I want nothing but the best for her I wish she could fine a good guy like Usher to get with the would make a good couple the both have two boys and are single. I am sorry to say but Monica, Tiny and them are living in a fantasy world. We have to realize artist are humans with a real life. umm to the poster about SB husband yes he too is a no good nicca!!! strong, beautiful women will settle for ANYTHING because the world keeps telling them they NEED a man and most really do WANT a man but hood bishes do hood ish and this alas is what hood niccas do the dude WROTE A song saying bump everybody he gonna do him he didnt wife MONICA !!! women need to do better you play house with a fool and you WILL get played happens every time jus because she made a statement doesnt mean she is going to put out all the business..peopple always have shit to say..what does this have to do wiht an album? OMG..loving the mature attitude...i love her..have so much more respect for her her show he looked and seemed mad shady to me..on girl ull be fine.of single moms out there...u can raise strong great black men by ureself..imma get ghetto for u...... U R NOTHING WITHOUT ME(Monica ofcourse) PEACE OUT SUCKER!!!!!!!!!! Monica has always struck me as someone who's wise beyond her years. But DAMN seriously though, how good of a woman do you have to be these days to NOT get cheated on? Just take the high road and deal with your pain privately with the family and friends.I hope that you do find happiness again even if you do decide to work it out with your longtime mate. monica was engaged to this bum for over 5 years, she played house w/ this bum while he was out "doing him".Just do you and do not worry about making others happy but what makes you happy. smdh @ least tip does famiy things w/ tiny,this bum didnt even do that.She says she was aware of the cheating rumors floating around the net and only took to Twitter to tell her fans and friends she was ok: “I chose Twitter as a forum to say what I felt at that time because there was no other way for me to say it once,” Monica told VIBE.

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“Had I been on radio, had I been interviewed, it would’ve been over and over again.

Once something is put up on a Web site and things about your personal life are spread all around, it’s unfortunate,” said Monica.

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