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The first big event of ’89 would be “Aryan Wood Stock”, later dubbed “Aryan Wood Flop” as the event tanked due to police pressure and inclement weather.Despite the lame event CHS and NHS members made some fruitful contacts in Southern California.S skinhead concerts in history and another chance for the HSN to forge bonds with skinheads nation-wide.The Hammerskins started claiming some very well known bands as their own in these early stages such as The Midtown Boot Boys, Haken Kreuz, One Way, and the Bully Boys.

Smith, Arkansas, and trips to other cities in the south that led to contacts with many other skinheads. The cry went out, “Let’s pool our strength and make an impact”! A long time friend of the Hammers moved to Chicago and the outcome was the NHS adding another city to their roster, close on Chicago’s heels was Ohio.

Despite the negative events which were occurring there were definitely positive things happening as well.