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14-Sep-2015 20:07

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He is a good- looking man, who has got a sober personality as well.He is a fair male, who has good physical attributes and is considered sexy by his female fans. He has shiny green eyes and always keeps his smile.Although the couples haven’t married yet, they have been living together for a long time now, and Borchert has a high probability of becoming his future wife. Starting to act in movies and TV shows, he has made influence with his work and earned lots of respect and reputation around the world.He has done many challenging roles and believes that director’s role is very important in any film.In an interview, he stated “There are two kinds of directors: There's the kind where two plus two equals four, and you have to help them figure it out.And then there's the kind that throws you into a room, locks the door, sets the house on fire and films it.” He has also done some nude role in the film Dreamers.Michael is not the tallest of men but has a relatively good height.

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Amid reports that she is nursing a broken heart after ending four-year-old relationship with actor Robert Pattinson, Kristen hit it off very well with Pitt when they met at the Paris Fashion Week."Kristen's not over Rob, but she's getting there and Michael's helping her through it.His last recorded body weight was about 78 kg, which is perfect for someone his height and physique.He doesn’t seem to have any tattoos in his body and has revealed his physique on many occasions.Specifically, this source revealed that Pitt was written out of the show, not because it was the best thing for the series, but because the cast and crew on the show could no longer stand to be around him.

[Pitt was] late a lot (this costs production money), [he had] trouble remembering lines (they had to reshoot an entire scene because he couldn’t remember his lines…this costs production money), [was] constantly questioning his character’s storyline, tried to change dialogue a lot, would wander from the set, got into a little fist fight with William Forsythe during the Jimmy death scene, etc.Michael Pitt is an actor, model and a musician who was born on the 10th of April 1981 (his current age is 35 years old) in West Orange, New Jersey, United States of America.

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