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21-Apr-2016 21:56

Another case where this might happen is if you have lines in your code with more than 256K characters.

If you have run into such a case and want me to fix it, you should send me a code fragment that triggers the message.

Two are non-virtual base class functions that you call in your derived classes; three are virtual functions that you often override in your derived classes. function allows an application to navigate from a view to its document.

Suppose a view object gets a message that the user has entered new data into an edit control.

Qt had nicely generated documentation (using an internal tool which they didn't want to release) and I wrote similar docs by hand.

This mapping is specified using the EXTENSION_MAPPING tag.

If no mapping is specified the file's contents will be ignored.

You'll seldom call The non-null parameter prevents the application framework from notifying the current view.

The assumption here is that the current view has already updated itself.

A complex handshaking process takes place among the document, the view, and the rest of the application framework.