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She is the youngest child of a single mother, Dorothy Ashley, who had Mellody more than two decades after the birth of her first child. “Dorth,” as Hobson sometimes called her mother, was a hardworking entrepreneur who fixed up and rented out, and later sold, condominiums.

(She passed away last year.) But she didn’t have a hard enough heart to be a good businesswoman.

In it, there’s a picture of Buffett with Hobson and John Rogers, Ariel’s C. O., who has been Hobson’s boss, mentor, and partner for some 25 years.

Along one hallway, there are pictures of President Obama, who worked out of Ariel’s offices in 2008 when his permanent offices were being established.

“My life was altered by meeting her, and that’s not something I say lightly,” Sandberg adds. I think she does that for everyone.”“What can I say? In August, the couple welcomed a daughter, Everest Hobson Lucas, who was born via gestational surrogate, to the world.

But it’s truly how I feel about her.”Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, who first met Hobson some five years ago because they were both board members at Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization, which combats violence against women, credits a comment Hobson made with inspiring her to write her best-seller, “She said she wanted to be unapologetically black and unapologetically a woman,” Sandberg says, recalling that the comment helped her move past trying to make her gender difference fade into the background. In June 2013, Hobson, who is 45, married George Lucas, the 70-year-old filmmaker who sold his company, Lucasfilm, to Walt Disney in 2012 for more than billion.

Hobson does not try to hide the fact that she tries.

Hobson chatted with them for 45 minutes or so—and then excused herself to go to the office because she hadn’t yet finished Ariel’s quarterly letter to investors.