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19-May-2015 16:22

Enhancements/Fixes: [FFMS Indexer] disabled AVI file handling as FFMS may cause jittery motion [HD Streams Extractor] [Media Info] if a language cannot be detected or matched the default Me GUI language will be used [HD Streams Extractor] improved feature selection & handling of unsupported tracks [Main] added ~300 additional languages to select based upon ISO 639-2 [Muxer] [One Click] improved language detection based on the file name [Profile] profiles will be saved to disk also when a profile is changed. The new default indexer order is: DGIndex NV, DGIndex IM, DGIndex, L-SMASH, FFMS [Main] .

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Download 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this version.The video detection tool does a very good job to detect exactly which type of video you're working with especially with older interlaced types. To be fair, the regular updates are in the Dev strand only - the stable strand has been at v2112 for quite some time - so you only need to be updating with the Dev updates if you need the bleeding-edge functionality.I think we should be very grateful for a tool that is under such frequent development and improvement rather than complaining about it!Yes, I've seen some guys report some problems in domms9 forum, but Zathor the developer is taking care of them.

Just because it worked for the previous reviewer doesn't mean it works for everyone else.

C=M; O=D Me GUI is an essential part of my video editing and is one of the best FREE tools I've ever used.