Mandating the metric system

03-Mar-2015 15:21

let's just hope the affordability comes into the price ranges of most people.You've developed an intuitive sense for measurements in centimeters and degrees Celsius. We've developed an intuitive sense for inches and degrees Fahrenheit. Speeds in kilometers per hour always sound faster than they are, just as (I expect) speeds in the former metric sound slower to you than they really are. So it's just momentum that keeps us on English units, and I don't really know what it would take to change that. im impressed NONE of you mentioned that with most of these furniture you actually buy 2 furniture (or 3 even) and not 1... designer and engineer should earn something for their advanced lego setup! The football in the US is shaped very similar to a rugby football.

I mean regular furniture is quite expensive already and these ones that take so much work in design and building will cost a fortune. Imperial measurements ARE still used in most countries despite what #10 says. So I'm not that surprised about the imperial measurement.

I mean the small apartment will be cheap but not the furniture inside it. Even countries that use the metric system use inches even though it's not part of the metric system (well, I know in India they do)! Ask a person how tall they are and you get an answer in feet and inches, go to a hardware and you still get 1/8 and 3/16 bolts. Anyway this looks awesome but i bet the prices are very steep, if they were reasonable, I wouldn't mind filling my home with those. The French came-up with the metric system in 1793 but it did not catch on for many years.

However, just for an example: If you can't understand how much 100 inches is, then just 100 x 2.54 and you get cm (1 inch = 2.54 cm). The meter was supposed to be one tenth-millionth the length of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator when measured on a straight line running along the surface of the earth through Paris. When the English standard system of yards feet and inches was considered against the metric system by the US, the US adopted the English system.

It might be better if the rooms where tied into a computer and you could select sleep mode, dinner mode, workout mode, to automaticly move the funiture into different setups. Cars at that time had some english and some metric, bolts where painted blue if they were metric, it was a pain. and also fficial_painting_of_George_W._how the fuck he ever became president is beyond stupidity what a dumb twat he is even that pic speaks a million words about him even looks like the type that acts rather than thinking #1, u got really good ratings...

The cost of re-tooling for metric is staggering for factories so I understand why they didn't switch to metric all at once, but I thought we would be all metric by now. this country is like the bully sitting in the back of a classroom causing trouble, but gets floated though life because he's attractive and a great athlete. I don't know about the beds as far as this furniture is concerned, but I can say, 1st hand, that the tables are great.

Although a number of variants of the metric system emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the term is now often used as a synonym for the "International System of Units" - the official system of measurement in almost every country in the world.