Male photos used in dating scams

15-Sep-2015 18:44

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This was up from previous year's report of just over 50 million in losses.What's worse, the older the victim, the heavier their losses.You may not even realize who's the clone and who's the real thing.In this particular case, the victims had been warned. Perhaps not when you consider she's found in no less than a DOZEN different profiles, all different names. They sound like randomly made-up names by people who barely know English, and chose two first names, like "Brooke Bella" or "Ruth Abbey".There is usually some sort of excuse, like "foreign law prevents me from sending money myself".Sometimes, it's "for a plane ticket to visit you in person" (which will inevitable be postponed due to "unforeseen circumstances") NOTE: Even if you tell them you have no money they'll probably plead and cajole and ask you to borrow it from your friends and relatives "for a good cause".Again, similar interests, looks absolutely handsome or beautiful. The other party will quickly call you by an endearing nickname, like honey, baby, sweetie, etc.Sometimes, the other party may insist on taking the chat off the platform's chat function to something "more private" like texting or such.

Report by Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued in 2012 revealed that 51% of all romance scam complaints are people over 50, with total reported losses over 56 MILLION dollars.

What was commonly perceived to be a crime perpetrated against lonely lecherous men is now an equal opportunity crime aimed at both genders.