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Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets. “I promise you I’m not joking Lou.”“What do you remember? Louis would have noticed them having looked at the picture multiple times since Harry first sent it.Harry lives a rather mundane and dreary life, full of the same sorts of routine day in and day out. ” Louis asked all business, eyes darting around Harry’s face, worry written across his own.“We had a fight and you walked out.”“We haven’t had a fight like that since the twins were born.” Louis murmured. “This bloody house is falling apart,” Harry murmured, tightening the hinges of the kitchen door. ” Louis steps forward, grabbing onto Harry’s waist. University AU where two girl take their time falling in love.Or a tale of two souls finding love even when the world is on fire. As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business.His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings.

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He was further remanded in custody by Judge Victor Blake and will appear again in court on August 3 next.

Louis is currently dating 18-year-old Hannah Walker.

If he goes back to prison, he’s going back for good. And that would mean that he’d probably kill himself.… continue reading »

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