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As such it is no more an evolved philosophy of life than refraining from stepping on the cracks in the pavement so the bears won’t get you.

It is a way of thinking about life devoid of chaos where we can continue to play at reflecting upon life for as long as it is uncomplicated.

You may wish for an easy life but the consequences for your inner world could be potentially disastrous.

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When we do this we suffer the fate of Adonis who didn’t know the true identity of his lover, Venus.So long as we try to escape our suffering we cannot be free. Because freedom is the experience of unconditional participation in life, all of which occurs in the here and now.Any attempt to escape from suffering means also the attempt to escape from or avoid what is happening in the moment. This is not to say that we then find meaning in suffering by the trite formula that ‘everything happens for a reason’.From this vantage point hardship and evolution itself are interlinked.

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Recent studies show that the further away from the cradle of infancy in the Alduvi Gorge humanity roamed, the more complex our DNA became, culminating in the most complex genetic codes in the people of South America who travelled furthest.

She was horrified and refused to go along with the idea. Short of chopping it out entirely she eventually agreed to Kimberley’s extreme plan. Paradoxically we tend to fruit when times are toughest, when we seem to have the least resources.