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Thank you but i need a reply just email me or anything you want to go to just dont be alarmed. it took me 5 minutes to write this aint that funny.if you do not have a credit card number lend me your mom or dads credit card number. PLS I NEED UR HELP FROM U PEOPLE THERE, PLS I NEED SOME CREDIT CARD TO USE AND PAY FOR MY SCHOOL FEES , PLS I WANT TO STILL STUDY , PLS DONT LET MONEY STOP ME FROM FINISH MY CAREER.

Of course, the numbers are fake and can't be used to purchase stuff.It is called Clubpenguin because it is about penguins that waddle around like cartoons. U can use your email to make a penguin and do other things. Thank you remember that i emailed you here December 1, 2007.If you want to reply me just go to you can email [email protected] realy want a credit card so i would really like it if you lend me your credit card number and your name please. when you go to the miley piczo go down and go to the chat box and talk there i might not be there but you can stil type and i will get it one day. remember to let me know your name your credit card number please i really want to be a member please please please please please!Pico Trace is a spin-off company, founded by members of the Faculty of Geosciences of the University of Göttingen, Germany. Correns caused the University to found the first Institute of Geochemistry in Germany in 1962. So it is our ambition, not only to facilitate our own experiences, but also to learn from our colleagues and walk on the same road with them. In our labs they are used continuously by students and experts.

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Our University has a well known tradition in geochemistry, established by Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt. The systems, produced by Pico Trace have been developed for our own scientific work. Limits and weakness, but also the quality of the systems is proofed every day.In addition, Sammi's sophisticated graphics make the data easy to read and understand." -"The CSA chose to update to the Linux-based version of Sammi — a choice that allowed them to save thousands of dollars and man-hours.