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15-Apr-2016 21:28

Going to the bars several nights a week to "hang out," drinking until I puke, sleeping in my clothes. Well, I feel like "he" can reach me emotionally but I can't seem to reach him. I want to believe that when you connect, no matter how ugly it gets, you connect for life. I saw you long before you saw me..a sudden rush of thoughts, do I look until you look, do I stare at the ground, do I smile, do I say hi...before I knew it, your eyes caught mine... Matt and I have had some of the best conversations lately. This was just an FYI I have been trying to figure out some confussing thoughts I have been thinking lately and here is the best way I can break it all down: In regards to Tom: I know that I no longer "love" him...could I? I think the thing that perplexes me about Tom is that he had some sort of higher "power" ( Woah is me....Hence the random email from him yet the lack of response when I emailed him back. I guess him and I are destined to play this game for the next 60 years. Not connection on a physical level but connection on a soulful level. So I ponder this question: Would you have rather loved and lost..never loved at all? I don't know what it can all be attributed to...maybe his loneliness on the road, maybe my new relaxed approach to our relationship, maybe his new view on life..know, none the less, I get off the phone with him feeling so mentally stimulated. I happened upon the Coldplay video for "Trouble" and memories flooded back to me as if the day I speak of was just yesterday.Debbie was Arnie's medical assistant back when Michael was a patient -- but she's never spoken publicly about the identity of the father.Arnie has previously denied being the dad, telling Diane Sawyer, "To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children."So we gotta ask ...I'm interested in meeting a variety of men for friendship, sex and possible LTR ~* hey my name is anyka. msn messenger/yahoo/aim ~ mizpinkplaymate1 cell: 619.829.5178 Basicly i am a kind honest and genuine person. I have a lot to say so i hope you will drop me a line sometime. Our Mission | Who We Are | Contact Us | FAQ'S | Testimonials | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Gay Dating | Join Now GLAAD | Affiliate Program Copyright © Jan 2017 Pride Dating. i am stationed on north island but from connecticut and miami florida. It is like a magnet of intrigue that just sucks me in. Honestly believing it would never happen, yet you finally called. I participate in a conversation so superficially guided with an occasional moment of the gut-wrenching honesty I have so been desiring to share with you. I much prefer face-to-face because that way I can gauge how far I want to go. I have always wondered if you lurk and now that I know you google me I am even more curious. As a huge Sex & the City fan I of course needed to find some way to relate the show to this situation and here is what I have come up with: Carrie and Aiden are at the cottage in the country, Big calls distressed and says he needs to see Carrie and is coming to the cottage. I always think to myself that my phone call would be with best intentions, just to make sure life is treating you kindly since I treated you so shitty!

Hello, thanks alot for dropping by, well to tell you about myself, i am a lover of animals, kids, sports, i love camping, hiking, hockey and Soccer, i am also a lover of poetry, i write love poems, i would want to share one here A fire that is carefully stoked and tended will not burn out.

The familiar smell of its smoke can bring a wistful smile, and the occasional blast of fireworks can take your breath away.