Liveupdate not updating client defs

14-Jan-2016 10:09

I installed NIS 2009 after first running the NORTON REMOVAL TOOL to get rid of remnants of an older NSW install from years ago.

The NIS 2009 install and updating process appeared to go without a hitch.

My deskside x486 PC running Windows XP PRO (SP3 with all known updates) is utilizing NIS 2009 (

About 2 weeks ago, I uninstalled ESET's NOD32 A/V product as license was expiring.

There are a couple of long threads here on liveupdate not working as it should and very recently two fixes relating to different error messages.

So if you do get the error messages indicated then apply one or both of the fixes: Sorry for the delays in responding to all the suggestions.

liveupdate not updating client defs-68

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Restarted PC this morning and it has run fine for about 5 hours. I'm perplexed about the seeming instability issue with my NIS 2009 install and have limited confidence I'm truly receiving continual real-time protection...The obvious sign something is fishy is when a custom scan I have scheduled to run every day at 2a.m. It was supposed to run Sunday, May 10th, 2009, but when I awoke and checked P. As to ESET, removing v2.7 via uninstall is fine; that version installs and uninstalls very cleanly.