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19-Jan-2015 10:30

It’s a place where prostitution is technically illegal but where Seoul boasts a ‘hooker hill’ and Busan’s infamous Texas Street is a stretch of sin soaked street to rival any of Amsterdam’s red light district.‘Love Motels’ offer hourly rates for businessmen and their lovers or cheap accommodation to foreigners not wishing to shell out for a real hotel room.

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On a very rainy summer day in 2009 myself, my ex Fallon, and our friends Cody & Desiree paid a visit to Love Land and giggled like children finding their first porno as we perused the collection of erotic displays.

A toothy bathroom blow-job isn’t exactly the height of romance, but it is perhaps an indication of how the younger Koreans are shaking off the conservative habits of their parents. If there’s one monument to the changing view of sex in South Korea, it’s Love Land Park on Jejudo.

While it might be more accurately described as ‘Lust Land’, the park’s many sculptures and displays representing a growing love of sex in South Korea.

The world of Korean sex is a world at odds with itself.

For all of its adherence to traditional ideals and typically Asian ideology, Korea finds itself gradually slipping in the direction of the more wanton west.Entering Love Land immediately takes you into a garden area in which the sculptures are scattered all over the place.