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After that scare, Bettis started taking his ailment more seriously and now serves as an advocate for handing asthma responsibly. 800-meter freestyle relay team that won gold and set a world record at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

He is part of the Asthma All-Stars Program - which encourages people to live lives with asthma without limits. I'm urging people with asthma to confer with their doctors to get a game plan." Kaitlin Sandeno is one of the best swimmers on the planet. At those Olympics, she also won a silver and bronze medal in individual events.

Kaitlin Sandeno, retired Olympic swimmer, sounded upbeat and excited when speaking about her work with the Jessie Rees Foundation.

When we spoke, Kaitlin had been traveling throughout California visiting Children’s Hospitals and Boys and Girls Clubs teaching them the motto of the Jessie Rees Foundation: Never Ever Give Up (NEGU).

It also teaches people to work with a doctor to create an asthma action plan. The 25-year-old California native, first discovered she had asthma as a 12-year-old.

"A lot of times, asthmatics don't understand control. But with hard work and good medical care, Kaitlin is a world class athlete.

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Through her work, Kaitlin has been spreading Jessie’s message to Never Ever Give Up along with distributing Joy Jars free of charge to children’s hospitals across the world.Within ten months of being diagnosed, Jessica Joy Rees lost her battle with brain cancer.Though they only met twice during Jessie’s short life, Jessie and her kind spirit left an imprint on Kaitlin’s heart.Having accomplished so much as a professional swimmer, Kaitlin was ready to explore the next phase of her life.

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Though she did not want to continue swimming professionally, she wanted to stay involved with swimming which lead Kaitlin to open a swim school in Southern California.

who is an Olympic gold medalist, world champion and former world record-holder.