Joomla community builder dating

04-Apr-2015 13:56

Take a look at my site and let me know your views.Regards Gagan Yes, u guys are correct, but i had to add the dating functionality to the already built up joomla based site.Initialy i tried using community builder advanced search, however it did not seem to be much flexible or i was just too lazy to go through all its documentation and learn how exactly it works.Finaly, i just added some code of mine in the community builder scripts and got my own search function work well. Virtually everything can be overridden in a structured manner that doesn't alter the core code.The support was excellent during our initial start up.If you are a programmer and love to play with the code then u can create almost anything out of joomla.Then furthermore you have a lots of modules and components for joomla that you can use to extend the functionality of your system.

Jom Social has what the cutting edge social networks provide and is always recreating itself with deeper user interaction and better ease of use and customization.

As i did not want a fully functional dating site with paid membership and all that stuff, i think i took the right approach to do this project.