Jennifer lothrop dating dave holmes

16-Jan-2016 16:12

See, Dave was discovered by the MTV “Wanna Be a VJ” competition, which aired live and consisted of contestants gathered from the crowd around MTV’s Times Square office.

While Dave – who was an encyclopedia of musical knowledge – ended up being runner up, he was still offered a job with the network. While being employed by MTV, Dave hosted with Jennifer Lothrop. Serena started out in 1995, and mostly worked with MTV News.

They partied at beach houses, and interviewed some of our idols with such ease. While the station still has a few personalities that hold the “VJ” title, it’s definitely not the way it used to be.

But instead of lamenting about how MTV just isn’t the same anymore, or flinging out the tired rant of “They don’t even play music videos anymore!

In 2011, he returned to MTV after MTV2 revived Ananda was a huge asset to MTV.

After seeing how well she could communicate to the MTV audience, they put her in charge of bringing a few heavier topics over to the network.

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