Jedi council forums interracial dating boundaries of casual dating

14-Mar-2015 11:27

Obviously, fate sided with my uncle and his gf since they are now happily married with kids.

But to this day the in laws give him an extremely hard time.

What if it becomes too much :/ No one will judge you except for the family.

I dated an African American guy for over a year and his mom hated me. Interracial couples are common and the only people that usually judge are the families.

After the world of Ossus was devastated in 3996 BBY and the Great Jedi Library was destroyed the Jedi fled their long time home, taking with them what they could of Jedi Master Odan-Urr's great collection.

Expanding their collection of information, the Order flourished for several centuries.

its hard but if your man can fight for you, then you dont have to have a problem.. My husband is a different race and some of my family can be rude about him or to him, personally we make it a joke.

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I don't mean to scare you, and this doesn't go for all interracial couples at all. I am mostly euromutt with a good dash of Cherokee and Blackfoot. The only thing that matters is how you feel about each other. I've dated a Japanese guy, a Mexican, a white guy, and I'm currently dating a mixed guy.He got dumped though, because he tried to hit me.....married the next girl he went out with and i bet he hit her. If they have the audacity to judge something that isn't even their business, then that shows what kind of person they are; ignorant and close-minded. Be happy My husband is African American & German and I couldn't be more proud of my relationship. I'd say screw what everyone thinks & love whoever or whatever you want to love.