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Frink's rejoinder to these comments points out that (1) the OCR method has indeed been described in a peer-reviewed journal article, (2) that the accuracy and precision of the method have been reported in multiple venues and that the concept of "scientifically acceptable" is context- and person-specific (and therefore a red herring), and that (3) the equation underlying the OCR method takes into account the seven factors of soil formation, and that these factors are routinely used in soil science applications without question. Cantley, Charles E., Lotta Danielsson-Murphy, Thad Murphy, Undine Mc Evoy, Leslie E. Cable, Robert Yallop, Cindy Rhodes, Mary Beth Reed, and Lawerence A. Submitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation, Atlanta, Georgia. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science 33(3): 182-202. Garrow & Associates, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina. 2000 The OCR Carbon Dating Procedure in Australia: New Dates from Wilinyjibari Rockshelter, Southeast Kimberley, Western Australia. Hoffman, Curtiss, Maryanne Mac Leod, and Alan Smith 1999 Symbols in Stone: Chiastolites in New England Archaeology. Stuart, and John Sullivan 19 Excavations at the Batesville Mounds: A Woodland Period Platform Mound Complex in Northwest Mississippi.

In the end, Frink concludes that the OCR method—like any scientific advance—warrants further study, and he points out that even the now venerable "scientifically acceptable" method of radiocarbon dating was much maligned when it was first introduced. Abbott 1997 Fort Polk, Louisiana: A Phase I Archaeological Survey of 14,622 Acres in Vernon Parish. (1998) National Register Eligibility Assessment of Four Sites on Upper Roubidoux Creek (23PU483, 23PU458, 23PU354, 23PU264), Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Submitted to the United States Army Construction engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL), Champaign, Illinois. Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society 60(1). Submitted to the Panola County Industrial Authority.

“[Dakota Johnson] and Matthew have dated on-and-off for the past two years,” a source close to the couple told at the end of June, Gyllenhaal felt that Dakota Johnson was “the one that got away.” “Rumors also state that the actor has been trying to woo his ex back even when she was with Hitt since past two years.

And now that she is single again, he is losing no time in making Dakota aware of his feelings for her,” the outlet continued.

This dating method works by measuring the ratio of oxidizable carbon to organic carbon. , and in it, the couple is seen getting hot and heavy — as expected.As the trailer continues to thrill, fans have been left wanting to know more about the actress who plays Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson, including her off-screen love life.“Speculations [point] to revealed to readers on October 5.

Filming only just begun, but already, reports claim Dakota Johnson and Garfield are getting along quite well and have been communicating with one another often, even when they aren’t in production.As for the rumors regarding her possible on-set relationship with Dornan, they have been swirling for months, likely due to the intense sexual scenes they’ve filmed throughout production on the movies.