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) and it is exhausting in a relationship to have to continuously help a guy feel better about himself. Catherine: I wouldn’t mention the collection, unless it’s something you carry on your person at all times. Trisha Lynn: That mental image is somewhat amusing. That could help you find someone with the same interests or you could come across as a snobby elitist who can’t relate to people outside of your clique. If you need help identifying which things are creepy, try saying them in your best serial killer voice and see which ones sound most natural. You like to have random conversations, consider yourself a geek/nerd, don’t mind someone who will occasionally read out loud or sing to you, my profile makes you smile, want a new friend, or if you made it all the way down here. It takes me a while to come up with a good message to send. Hopefully this will help you refine your profile a little.

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Music: I try to listen to anything and everything, but a few choice favorites are They Might Be Giants (obviously), Jonathan Coulton, Marian Call, The Megas, She & him, The Dresden Dolls, and the entire Scott Pilgrim vs. Caroline: There is a part of the way you present the geek thing that makes me feel like you are comfortable owning every part of that label. You need to let me know that you’re someone I would want to spend time with. Is knowing whether or not to look at the camera or to make sure you’re using a DSLR rather than your i Phone going to make the difference between a date on Friday and staying home to catch up on Fringe?