Interesting things to do on videochat sex

04-Apr-2015 14:17

resize=480:*" / a naughty text to get him psyched to see you later.Try something saucy like, "Don't work out too hard'll need your energy in the bedroom later!The idea here is to tease him into a frenzy until he begs for mercy.Cutting off some sensations — like his ability to touch you — heightens other experiences, like your touch on his body." / making out with your man, let your mouth meander over to the side of his neck, right beside his ear.

Because the blood will rush to his penis, the sensation of oral sex will be more intense than usual. So your mission today: Exfoliate, shave, moisturize, and then ask your guy to give you a calf rub.resize=480:*" /Getting busy against a wall brings out an intense gotta-have-you-now thrill.It can be tricky though, so try lifting your leg or have him bend his knees a bit.The skin next to the earlobe is probably the most sensitive on his head, so feeling your lips here will make him tingly all over." / make sex even yummier.

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Blindfold him, and then put a dab of chocolate syrup, honey, or powdered sugar on at least five small spots on your body.

But teasing him with a personal peep show can be hotter than simply baring it all.