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10-Oct-2016 18:29

She has been life coaching for over 7 years and is a founding member of Coachville and trained by Coach University.After graduating as Valedictorian of Seton Hall University with a bachelor’s degree in business finance, she worked as trading assistant on the floor of the NYSE and for several years at Condé Nast Publications before launching her own personal coaching business.A classic guide to piece together the puzzle that is the opposite sex. This exclusive downloadable video also features: Suzanne - Suzanne loves to dance and boogie, with a few drinks under her sleeve!

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They surround themselves with people of similar abilities and mindset, and the exchange of ideas and interaction at this level is truly life-changing.

In addition to The Good Life, Marie is also an accomplished dancer/choreographer and health & fitness expert.

She is a NIKE Sponsored Athlete and Master trainer and has worked with MTV, VH1, Prevention Magazine, Women's Health Magazine and Self Magazine, has appeared in countless dance fitness videos and leads classes at Crunch and NYU’s Atlantic Theater Acting Company.

With locations in LA, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Raleigh it won’t be hard to get that girl you have been eyeing all night but won’t give you the time of day.

As well they have a 75% success rate in hooking you up, and if within 25 minutes you’re not really feeling it you get your money back, and at 0 it better be worth it.

Zan Perrion, picked as one of Thundercat's top 5 seduction artists, is a Vancouver-based writer, motivational speaker, and life coach.