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(END VIDEO CLIP) HENDERSON: Welcome back to LARRY KING LIVE. We're now joined by Jerry Mathers, also known as the Beaver in "Leave It to Beaver." Hi. But it's a type life that in a lot of ways has disappeared. But we want to thank you, Jerry Mathers, for joining us.

And I actually, I think, lost her friendship for a short period of time because I was so afraid she was going to die that I called the head of the studio and I asked them to intervene. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "GROWING PAINS") KERNS: A tattoo! JEREMY MILLER, ACTOR: But it says "Mother." (LAUGHTER) KERNS: I don't care what it says, Ben. MATHERS: Because if you want to be aggressive, I can be just as aggressive as you can. ANNOUNCER: Tonight, five decades of TV's most famous moms join Barbara Billingsley from "Leave It to Beaver" and her showbiz son, Jerry Mathers, plus Meredith Baxter from "Family Ties," Joanna Kerns from "Growing Pains," and Doris Roberts from "Everybody Loves Raymond." Tonight's guest host, Florence Henderson from "The Brady Bunch." They're all next on LARRY KING LIVE. I'm Florence Henderson, sitting in for Larry King, who's on vacation. Billingsley, I want to start with you, because you're kind of the -- the dean of TV moms, I would say. I mean, you were the perfect mom of the '50s, and of course, have been Beaver's mom for years. JOANNA KERNS, "GROWING PAINS": Similar but not quite, right? I mean, "The Brady Bunch" started end of the '60s and through the '70s. We weren't allowed to talk to our children above a certain level. But I talked to him a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so impressed with the grace and dignity and incredible courage that he has shown in dealing with this. I'm sure it was not his idea of how wanted his career to finish out, you know, working with the Parkinson's Foundation and creating his own foundation here, but what a gift to other people who are struggling with this: the courage to say, OK, you know, he can do this, I can do this. And I don't think people often realize, as one of you mentioned, you know, people in public eye do get ill. And somehow this story got squashed, but it was -- it was the fashion then to do the things like that. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. You know, I was thinking, too, we were so restricted. But I have to say -- and you know, I don't mean to say I'm an intimate part of his circle there. And it was so devastating, because all of us loved him so much and knew that he was gay, had so much respect for him. Doris Roberts, I want to talk to you about "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Peter Boyle. But that wasn't what happened for Elyse and Steven. And I think from the moment we met each other, we had the freedom to make fun of each other. And he's so witty and so funny and so able to make fun of himself that it made me very comfortable when he was making fun of me. BILLINGSLEY: Well, Hugh and I were great friends and stayed friends even after the show was over. HENDERSON: Of course, you do so many other great things, but... MCCORMICK: Well, two weeks from Friday night is our high school's annual family night frolics. WILLIAMS: Yes, yes, it's to raise money for special school equipment. One of the mothers and a daughter are going to sing a duet. KERNS: "Father Knows Best" -- no, "Father Knows Best," and, you know, all those shoes.

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HENDERSON: And how did Peter Boyle fit into that other than the sex? I think this is important for them to know that this is not something that just happens before marriage and is over, although that certainly is the way it happens a lot of the time. I'll tell you, I love Alan, and we had a great time. HENDERSON: Well, before -- before we go do break, I just want to ask Barbara about Hugh Beaumont. MCCORMICK: And all the entertainment that night is by the students and their parents. MCCORMICK: Well, it's for a great cause -- isn't it, Greg? DAVIS, ACTRESS: Yes, I'll take a stack down to Sam to sell at the butcher stop. MCCORMICK: Well, it's going to be a fantastic evening, and it's going to be a really super act. MCCORMICK: Yes, you and me (END VIDEO CLIP) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "HAPPY DAYS") MARION ROSS, ACTRESS: Good morning, Richard. RON HOWARD, ACTOR: I never want corn flakes again -- oatmeal. HENDERSON: "Father Knows Best," was that before your time?

MEREDITH BAXTER, "FAMILY TIES": Well, I know that we were -- I think I came from the era of the fallible mom. There was a wonderful episode in which Michael Gross, who played Steven Keaton, my husband on the show, had an extramarital affair -- or no, he was tempted to. HENDERSON: Well, Joanna, Joanna Kerns from "growing pains," I think you were one of the first to actually have a job. (LAUGHTER) You know, it had the comedy kind of father role, and if anything, I was the tougher one in our TV family. And I would just beg to: "OK, instead of a load of laundry, I will carry through some drawing.

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