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29-Aug-2016 13:57

The first step is to go with me i would take a break from the music industry.

Making friends and expand relationships are essential to all of us.

Finding and connecting with people who follow the Quran and believe in the prophet Muhammad can be even harder.

Muslim Mingle will help you to connect easier than ever.

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Currently, I follow many guys on Twitter and they follow me back too. I really want to get married but if I don't talk to guys then I don't think I will be able to find a good Muslim guy to marry.

And that's why I use these online medium of communication.Shaitan's promise and he'll find extra oridinary ways to deceive which even people can't make out, i.e. The couple chatting can become so close and finally decide to meet alone in a private place and do what not. NO OPINIONS [email protected] Wiser it is natural that i have not ref-s about my point because i say there is no prohibitions in sources.