Hockey player suspended said dating girlfriend

21-May-2015 01:35

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Garret Ross, 23, is being charged with one count of felony revenge porn.

One of his tweets was dated Thursday and a second one on was posted early Friday morning.

The team says they excused Ross from all team activities while they review the charges against Garret Ross.

Garret Ross was a fifth-round pick in 2012, but he has never gone beyond the Rockford Ice Hogs to actually play for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Police now have the cell phone belonging to Garret Ross in their possession, which included some of the images in question.

Garret Ross is facing a possible sentence of three years in prison for the revenge porn Relationship Recovery: Healing One at a time (9781439206.133) live webcam chat room Palmieri: dating rule speed Get help today.