Healthy dating relationships signs

29-Nov-2015 20:50

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A healthy relationship should bring more happiness than stress into your life.

Every relationship will have stress at times, but you want to prevent prolonged mental stress on either member of the relationship.

It's the natural by-product of two different human beings living in close relationship with one another.

Instead of just avoiding arguments, healthy couples know how to handle them when they inevitably do come up.

Relationships need to be maintained and healthy relationships take work.

This applies to all relationships; work relationships, friendships, family, and romantic relationships.

However, unhealthy relationships will exhibit these characteristics more frequently and cause you stress and pressure that is hard to avoid. The University Health Center, University of Georgia.

This tension is unhealthy for both members of the relationship and may lead to problems in other areas of your life.

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If you need help urgently about your relationship, contact the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Information Service (SARIS).

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on: All of these things take work.