Harris tweed label dating

29-May-2015 11:07

Like many of the fashion styles and brands we have come to know, the Pendleton Company (most famously known for its' hallmark product the Pendleton Shirt) was to become famous because of the imagination of its' founders.Having their early history in the late 1800's making vibrant colored Indian blankets for the American Indian the Pendleton Company owners in the 1920's decided that there were more potential applications for using the "Umatilla" wool fabric they were weaving.Applying the quality applications they had developed in making their earlier blanket products and with the use of the brilliant colors appliqués the rich color Pendleton wool plaid shirts were introduced to the market in 1924.It was a startling success at its' launch and until World War II, Pendleton production was brisk but slowed due to the Pendleton mills need to support the war effort with uniforms and blankets.In the 1950's and 1960's the shirts have a different pattern matching on the pockets and they also added an additional collar lining.The shirt tags began to display sizing in the bottom right corner.

Throughout the 20th century, many clothing trends have emerged from workwear and transitioned into the fashion mainstream.The Chants Beneath Project features a total of 120 newly commissioned sonic works from the world's most exciting sound artists.