Gridview rowupdating error handling

07-Mar-2016 22:32

gridview rowupdating error handling-53

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Updated event, and even cancel that the error happened.For Grid View, I'm not sure its as powerful in that regard; there are certain binding errors you cannot capture, and would need to capture the error via the Page_Error or the Application_Error event...

How can I catch that error and display in a label a text to warn the user the value already exists?

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I have a gridview and sqldatasource to bind data from datatable to the gridview .

But when the Gridview reloads in "normal" mode again, rather than showing the correct (new) data, it shows the old data that was there before."SELECT [Key], [Meeting Type], [Date Initiated], [Date Due], [Date Completed], ([u1. Though even then *technically* the re-call should be harmless since you've updated your DB... Can you post a bit more code so I can see your Page_Load sub and we can try and get this ironed out for ya? hehe Sorry, Populate Grid View() would only be called once, you're right. Ole Db Connection(str Connect String MAR) cn Access. Ole Db Data Adapter(str SQL, cn Access) Dim ds As New System.

Actually I already had Populate Grid View() in my Page Load() sub, almost exactly as you had suggested.

I step through this code using the F11 key so I can see it running every step of the way. If I find out how to fix this, I will cruise this forum from now on, answering this question every time it arises. Lastname]) as Assigned To Name, " & _ "[Action Plan], [Machine], [Status], [Closed] " & _ "FROM (Meeting Action LEFT JOIN Personnel AS u1 ON Meeting Action. SSNO) " & _ "LEFT JOIN Personnel AS u2 ON Meeting Action.