Greeks dating blacks

04-Jul-2016 21:20

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Due to His fashion sense, Jesus' various sexual advances were rejected by Angel Gabriel (pictured), a man, and even a sausage.

In his rage, Jesus banned sexualising anything with a plonker, leaving him to wander the desert for forty days with nothing to suck on. When a miniature Bonsai tree mocked Buddha's minuscule manhood he added his weight to this prohibition and Abraham revealed his support .

This means two-sexed (and not half-sexed, which would be the vanishingly rare disexual). Rush Limbaugh (pictured) has called bisexuality "the most gutless decision you can make" as it is really no decision at all.

Limbaugh claims that bi's are the most selfish individuals, as their sexuality is merely a ploy to ensure the absolute maximum number of possible partners (bestiality being outside the scope of this article).

A leading environmental cause of homosexuality is bad Internet porn.

Several Christian citizens' protest groups are currently forming to demand the public subsidized availability of nannyware that ensures children's site requests are rerouted away from bad or "educational" porn to the highest quality sexiest pictures on the Internet. A second leading environmental cause of homosexuality is failing internet "gay tests".

A homophobe who actually suspects that he is gay — that is, a person whose fear has a rational basis — can be honored with the double insult "self-loathing homophobe." This awards style points to the insulter.[It is an especially excellent way for the straight friend to gain access to Poontang he would otherwise be socially barred from entering.] Sometimes, these Straight Guy-Gay Guy (SGGG) friendships develop into Bromances - romantic, non-sexual, extremely-close relationships between the two friends.

It is a wonderful opportunity for singles or fun-seekers to find wonderful people to talk with.… continue reading »

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Odd tho I always thought it was the over 40 and 50 woman who couldn't keep up with me. I'm 45, and lost my drive during the last several years of my marriage. But have since found that the removal of my piece of crap husband worked miracles for my sex drive. The following is a response I had posted with a similar thread content As I am over 40...… continue reading »

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