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Grachi and EWW both had the bad boy warlocks, kanays, evil principal, and rival witch but not the female kanay, time contimium break and zombie boyfriend of EWW. In Grachi, we met Mecha's mom and they lived with Ursula and Matilda but not the case in EWW.Except Grachi's Dad married her rival Matilda's mom, in EWW Emma's dad just kissed Maddie's mom. In Grachi, Daniel has a handsome cousin named Chema, he doesn't exist in EWW. Her last name in Grachi is Novoa, the last name is used for Jax in EWW.

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Cussy is the principal's assistant and Grachi's magic tutor in Grachi.Welcome to Moms Teach Sex - You can't find a better sex teacher than your girlfriend's mom.