Global dating rules of dating movie summary

17-Mar-2016 23:25

Now we all know that the dating scene in North America is dysfunctional beyond words, and a nightmarish hell for men with gross inequities of epic proportions.Here is the sorrid state of affairs in America's dating scene for men: All these factors above culminate into a futile nightmare of epic proportions for guys in America.women issues, the women MUST ALWAYS come out on top, and 3) it's politically incorrect and taboo in the US to complain about women, as the media only gives attention to the complaints of women not men.Instead, you are only allowed to 1) pretend that everything is great, or 2) blame/improve yourself, neither of which really changes anything.

But they are not going to get you actual dates with quality attractive women. No matter how many American women that you meet, if you don't fit their highly picky standards, they are still going to blow you off if you ask them out.You see, such cliched suggestions do not address the heart of the problem - the gross inequities, conditions and obstacles in the US dating market, which are too numerous to even count. Now do you think that simply being more proactive in your community and life or learning BS artificial "social skills" is going to remedy all that?! (especially if you don't have status, looks, wealth, fame, height, race, etc.There are so many screwed up conditions some of which don't even make any sense - inconsistencies in female behavior, stupid games, contradictions in what women want, unrealistic female delusions and entitlements, super pickiness, self-centered attitudes, mental and psychological problems, insanity, cultural problems, shallowness and superficial attitudes, degradation of traditional gender roles, feminist hatred of males, hatred of being feminine, jadedness, the isolation lifestyle, paranoia, anti-sociality, desire to be alone, racism, etc. going for you)In addition, where in modern America are you going to find a woman who is warm, tender, caring, feminine and loving with good character and values, as well as a beautiful appearance?So, unless your clique has connections to many attractive single women who also find you to be "dating material", you're out of luck.

On the average, single guys in America have to wait several years (or more) before the chance to get a new girlfriend or to get laid comes along, and when it does, he's considered "lucky". So, what do frustrated single men in America usually do?Well, conventional suggestions given to them range from working on and improving oneself, to joining special clubs and activities, to improving their social skills, to the dreaded "you'll find someone someday, don't worry" and even to learning from dating gurus and seduction/pick up artists ().

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