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"The need for the organization to protect its own reputation can trump the well-being of the victim." Soon after the report's release, St.George Headmaster Eric Peterson announced that would not renew his contract, set to expire in June 2017, and essentially step down from his role.George's community on September 1 by Leslie Heaney, Chair of the Board of Trustees.Heaney highlighted several steps the school would implement in light of the report's findings. George's would retain "David Wolowitz, an attorney who specializes in this area, to review the school’s reporting procedures and policies and to conduct additional boundary training of faculty and staff." The letter points out that a training session occurred in June. George's would also conduct more extensive and ongoing background checks of employees and volunteer staff and create a "Community Response Team" to handle allegations of sexual abuse in partnership with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center."But we believe there is no credible justification for the actions the school took to Coleman and Gibbs after the school fired them," the report reads.

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The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, enacted on October 28, 2000, went into effect October 28, 2002. MPD makes registry information available to the public through: gov/service/sex-offender-registry Convicted Sex Offenders in the state of Virginia must register with the Virginia State Police (VSP).

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An independent report released on September 1 detailing the long-term sexual abuse that went on at St.

Some alumni have charged that the school's leaders hushed up the abuse to protect the reputation of St.

George's, which was founded in 1896 and counts among its graduates the poet Ogden Nash, the late Sen.

"...[T]he most relevant question is whether school leaders took the steps necessary to prevent, to the extent possible, teachers or staff from molesting students, or to prevent older students from sexually assaulting younger students," the report reads.