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Elaine dealing with the nutty-looking, fatigue-wearing Eddie from the mail room is decent workplace sitcom stuff but comes off a little trite—who cares if she finishes her J. His reason for being in fatigues, that a girl never called him back, also doesn’t land—that he was never actually in a war feels too obvious a punchline. Jerry doesn’t like duck because the skin seems human.The episode is largely enjoyable—I think its flaw is that it tries to build its plots around the “mentor” concept and that doesn’t really work because Jerry and George are too lazy to try to mentor anyone. Frank’s assessment of Estelle’s cooking: “Your meatlof is mushy, your salmon croquettes are oily and your eggplant parmesan is a disgrace to this house!The way Leo gets involved in the plot, picking up Jerry’s package from the delivery guy after Jerry refuses to open it, is also fairly insane.I don’t expect realism from Seinfeld, not in the least, but I do expect well-crafted ludicrousness, and this is not it. There’s a lot of individually funny stuff going on here, it’s just that the episode relies so much on its denouement, and the dovetailing just doesn’t totally work.

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Some of the coincidences are great—Jerry’s hi-fi troubles are documented by George, who’s snapping photos like crazy so he can see a photo-store girl as much as possible (there’s an occupation we won’t be seeing on sitcoms much in the future).We get a remarkably silly flashback where Jerry Stiller, looking all of his 69 years of age at the time, is supposedly a 20something war chef watching his friends barf to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio For Strings” (forever associated with scenes of wartime tragedy thanks to its use in ).