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05-Dec-2016 15:00

Our quality driven manufacturing inspired by Pat Littlejon, Jerry Moffat and Stefan Glowacz see our items become bestsellers.Then, in 1996, we were the first company to 3 Sigma rate our sewn goods.

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They are now in the process of moving all of their manufacturing back to the US.The addition of a flexible stem gave the Friend it a new lease of life, making it one to the most revered protection device available.The flexible Friend gave us the ability to make smaller units and the new 0 and 00 Friends - a valuable addition to every free-climbers rack.What is clear from this review is that climbers have an amazing choice of gear these days and the range of cams out there is astonishing.

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There are 2 'Best in Test' winners in this review - one for normal sized cams and one for smaller cams.Both of these events were big steps forward, providing reliability and security to previously difficult and unreliable processes.