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As the air slowly escaped through the capillary at the bottom, the piston moved back towards the left until it triggered the exposure.

According to Neubronner, there were a dozen different models of his camera.

This thought led him to merge his two hobbies into a new "double sport" combining carrier pigeon fancying with amateur photography.

(Neubronner later learned that his pigeon had been in the custody of a restaurant chef in Wiesbaden.) Neubronner began the development of a light miniature camera that could be fitted to a pigeon's breast by means of a harness and an aluminum cuirass.

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In a breach of copyright it was shown in German cinemas as part of the weekly newsreel in 1929.In the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, the famous pigeon post of Paris carried up to 50,000 microfilmed telegrams per pigeon flight from Tours into the besieged capital.