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Maybe it’s something in that city’s water supply, but girls there love your look and attitude so much that they regularly approach you outright.

He posted on Facebook, stating they had been attacked by about 10 knife- wielding men who wanted to get to the patient.

Next up, a woman walked to a podium from which she introduces herself. There are no updates at this time.” She later returned—this time, The first panel was to be assembled. Assuming you’ve got a 9-5 routine, breakfast shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out. Sure, you’ll receive a small stipend for your service, but it is just that—a small stipend. I’d be the one (along with the eleven other losers and two alternates) stuck on a trial.

She warned that she might mispronounce some names as she called the list and corresponding juror numbers. If you, like me, work from home, eating as you’ve got one foot out the door might take practice. In California, jurors receive fifteen dollars a day, in DC, jurors receive thirty dollars. So if you’re one of the last candidates (I was) to be called to the bench, relish in your luckiness. By this time, the court day was so close to 4 p.m., I was sent home. You might get a boring trial, where you know the defendant is guilty, but you’re stuck listening to crap for three days. you get selected to one of those juror panels where Gene Hackman tries to intimidate you.

“Just don’t let it happen again.” (Like you’ll remember in two years). But if you get selected for Grand Jury Service, you could spend a lot of time at the courthouse.

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You’re invited to take a seat in the Juror Lounge (AKA: A big room with lots of chairs). You know what the lawyers always eat on their lunch breaks? I got two hot dogs, chips and a soda for four bucks. unless you have that amazing combo in your town for 3.50. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead when you first receive your summons since you don’t know how long you’ll be serving.She enlisted a coworker to assist in the battery hunt begging the question … I smiled so wide, I looked like I slept with a hanger in my mouth. And if you aren’t selected, you can use all the money you’ve saved to buy like, ten copies of my book just in time for the holidays! We were kept waiting twenty minutes when we returned from lunch.

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