Dragon age online profile not updating

11-Feb-2016 10:58

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You can try deleting all the copies then re-sync with just one save to clear up some space.

If storage is full or getting close to it, you can delete specific characters or screen shots, or hit "Delete all files" to clear up space.

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After you log in, there is a menu on the upper left under your avatar.

First, hover over "My Games" and a side menu pops up - choose "Player Profiles".

We aren't worried about read-only for our purposes here, but about visibility - we may or may not be able to get to where the characters are stored.

It's also possible to have multiple copies of characters since each DLC uploaded its own version of your Warden.

In addition, the pre-1.04 installer that comes with Awakening may revert some 1.04 files back - this would result in a game that is apparently missing many of the fixes included with 1.04, while the game config tool still reports it as the 1.04 version.

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