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06-Feb-2016 10:02

So when we heard Liman and Cruise were reuniting for opening the week before. Early January tends to be the province of low-rent or low-profile pics that would struggle in more competitive seasons, or Oscar hopefuls undergoing nationwide expansion.

Not so much high-profile Tom Cruise thrillers., which landed on the 2014 Black List.

is still holding onto its October 7, 2016 release date. But now, it looks like Doug Liman may be ready to accept an offer. is an instance where the film needs to be saved in pre-production.

Dallas Buyers Club screenwriter Melisa Wallack will write the series, and the episodes are being directed by Liman and two lower-profile filmmakers, Michael Litwak and Jerome Sable.On the other hand, Liman also directed the critically panned sci-fi film Jumper, and making a VR series at all is still risky.Generally presented in a series of five- or ten-minute videos, episodic VR stories can be rushed and unsatisfying.It's difficult to present a compelling arc in each clip, especially when it has to be engrossing enough to justify demanding a viewer's full attention — unlike a web series, there's no way to play Invisible on a background tab at work.

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But it's also an ambitious step over slice-of-life documentaries or self-contained short films.The superhero has the power to manipulate kinetic energy, and often uses playing cards against his victims, throwing them and turning them into tiny bombs mid-air. Or is this just another disaster waiting to happen?

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