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While most men bitch and moan about honey-do lists, Stan gets off on them. On Friday night, Stan will ask Leslie about a list. Other times, he fantasizes that the lover is simply more gratifying to Leslie in bed. He buys shoes, or gets them through Freecycle, that is a believable size for Leslie to wear – anywhere from 8 to 9.5. His wife, Leslie, indulges her husband’s kinky desires. He wants to be the slave to my wife and her lover, the one she chooses sexually over me. Sometimes this fantasy rolls out in his head that Leslie’s lover is better in bed and can provide for her better than he can. “I told her I thought I could make a buck selling old shoes of hers or those I found with her modeling them online,” he says. They dug through Leslie’s closet and pulled all the old shoes that would have ended up tossed out in the trash or in a Goodwill bag. But in reality, it’s Stan playing the role to these shoe hungry men.The gig had lead to giggedy giggedy; they’d started sleeping together, and everything seemed fine, dandy ’n’ randy – until she phoned me up last weekend to confess that ‘a sex issue had come up…’ ‘We were lazing on the sofa together scoffing all the posh reduced price Christmas snacks we’d just bought from M&S and watching she explained, ‘and I changed position to lay back and put my feet in his lap. ‘At first I thought he was turned on by the delicious delicatessen foodstuffs (utterly justifiable) or the crime show (concerning), but then he admitted that he has a ‘big thing about feet’.’ At the time, my pal ‘awkwardly laughed it off’ because she didn’t know what the hell to say and was a little freaked out.However, on reflection, she thinks her man’s foot fetish is ‘something she’d be game to find out more about in the name of being GGG’, but she doesn’t have any idea where to begin. At the end of the day, with or without a tube attached to his penis, Stan is a businessman. When the seven days are up, he quickly pulls the shoes out of the bag and crams them into another baggie before putting them in a box and heading to the post office. A return customer paid for a picture of Leslie’s foot stepping on a bug. He makes the most money in summer when there’s a high demand for nasty flip flops that can go as high as . Stan has a 100 percent buyer satisfaction star on the site. “You could never be a foot model,” Stan says, tsk-tsking. “I bring the computer or phone as needed,” he says. Sometimes, if she is nice, she will tease his nipples with her toe or tell him to her off her socks as she rubs her feet in his face. * * * You’ll never look at a raggedy pair of shoes at a garage sale the same way again. He saw them and then cruised through the site, seeing all the other shoes selling. Some men request putrid shoes, and the ones Stan has in his for-sale collection may not have a strong enough odor. He wraps feta cheese in a napkin, sticks it in a Ziplock bag, and then puts the pair of shoes in the bag for a week. Others want Leslie to step on food or crush candy before receiving the shoes. He uses such words as “trashed,” “well-worn,” and “old.” The required e Bay disclaimer also goes on the listing: These very well worn, old brown Birkenstock sandals will be cleaned prior to shipping per e Bay and manufacturers required and recommended standards. Forty seven percent of the sampled preferred them to other parts of the body. He walks around his desk and I slip my right foot from my black Puma flat. “God, there was a pair of the nastiest Slide athletic shoes once,” he says. They sold for like 50 bucks.” Wonder how much my stinky kickball cleats could catch? They must create the scene in their head before they buy. In fact, according to a 2007 study from the University of Bologna, feet and toes were the most popular parts of the body. One August he made ,000, and for a time, averaged about a thousand a month. Once Stan has reeled in a customer, he feeds into their need for submissiveness. They ask him questions about particular pairs of shoes.

Feet are a powerful source of arousal for a significant portion of the population and foot fetish porn seeks to fulfill those desires.

Stan is in his early forties, has two kids, attends church regularly and is happily married. Before we meet, he tells me via email he wants to be my foot stool. For Stan, it’s not just about attractive feet in fishnets or fuck-me heels. For years, he has IM’d me asking to be my slave and offered to wash my car, clean my yard, polish my boots. So online for the cold cash, Stan will sell out and play the role of a dominatrix.