Direct tv guide is not updating

19-Jun-2015 02:23

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TIP: If you want to force the settings to update, do the following: Again, this update is for various updates regarding the carrier.

I’ll also help you understnad what ‘your carrier settings have been updated’ means on your i Phone. Whatever your reason for plopping in front of the TV, you expect it to work and work well. Well, I happened to come across a few different things you can try while nosing through some forums on the topic. Flipping through the guide is now much faster and the box responded to the remote like never before. This cover is located on the front right hand side of your DVR receiver. Push the red reset button that is located underneath the cover, next to the access card. Once you see it, simultaneously press and hold the Record button and down arrow button on the DVR.

And finally, we’ll make some fireworks in i Tunes so you can impress your friends over beers this afternoon at the backyard BBQ. [hr] You’ve waited two years for your show to come back for it’s final season. And if you’re a Direc TV customer, chances are you have had glitchy programming or perhaps you experienced a slow Direc TV box. Now, if it stays that way remains to be seen, but I’m hopeful. The status of your reset appears on your television screen. Release the record button and down arrow button when the television screen reads “Hello Welcome To Direc TV.” 5.

It may be the 4th of July, but that doesn’t mean your tech problems go away. We should all be thankful for our freedoms and to those who fought for them.

Today’s Geek Lift includes fixing a lagging Direc TV box and slow-scrolling channel guides.Please see the Nielsen Digital Measurement Privacy Policy at for more information about this Nielsen measurement feature. Here’s what’s new in this update.•One-tap Live TV streaming added to the Live Guide•Added 30 second skip ahead while watching recorded, DVR Shows•Support for Apple Single Sign-On•Bug Fixes•Performance Enhancements**Love the app? ** This app definitely has some problems off & on but the company also updates the app fairly frequently as bugs are revealed.

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