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Brewster and Jeter dated from 2002 until he met Minnillo in 2003.#3 Mariah Carey who is of Venezuelan descent, is perhaps the girl that started it all for Derek Jeter.In addition to Carey being Jeter’s first big celebrity relationship in his rookie year with the Yankees, Carey was aslo Jeter’s longest relationship to date, lasting nearly three years from 1996 to 1998.Other famous women he dated briefly include various Hollywood television and movie actresses and models, such as the actresses Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster and Jessica Alba, who later went on to marry Justin Timberlake.Models he dated include Tyra Banks, Vida Guerra and Adriana Lima. Jeter entered into a long-term relationship with actress Minka Kelly but the couple broke up in 2012, despite earlier rumors of marriage.Alba’s television and film career had not taken off yet, and Jeter was still on again/off again with Minnillo.According to rumors, Jeter gave Alba an STD during their short time together and that the combination of that and Minnillo led to the couple’s nasty break up.#1 Adriana Lima is of Portuguese and Brazilian descent and is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world.Mariah Carey was at the peak of her career in 1996, having just released the albums Jeter was about to become a World Series Champion, and the two became the hottest couple in New York.Carey moved on from Jeter and married Nick Cannon in 2008.#2 Jessica Alba is of Mexican descent, and was Jeter’s girlfriend for a short period in 2004.

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Derek Jeter retired from professional baseball after the 2014 MLB season. During that time, he achieved great fame as the team’s shortstop and for his role in five World Series championship wins.

Derek Jeter played his last game in a Yankees uniform today when New York’s season came to and end with a 9-5 victory against the Boston Red Sox.

Jeter, who famously hit a walk off RBI single in his last game at the Bronx on Thursday, had another RBI single is his final at-bat as a designated hitter.

As of 2015, his latest celebrity girlfriend was model Hannah Davis.

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Continue Reading Derek Jeter dated actress Vanessa Minillo for around three years beginning in 2003.

Guerra has also made guest appearances in music videos for Kanye West as well as Frankie J, Nelly and P. Guerra posed for Playboy in 2006, right after she broke up with Jeter who she dated in 2005.#4 Jordana Brewster has the beautiful combination of Panamanian and Brazilian heritage in her.