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23-Jun-2016 23:22

It is likely that two people in the group will have the same birthday. The reason this is so surprising is because we are used to comparing our particular birthdays with others.

For example, if you meet someone randomly and ask him what his birthday is, the chance of the two of you having the same birthday is only 1/365 (0.27%).

Such connections are thus discovered frequently enough so that the squeals of amazement that commonly accompany their discovery are unwarranted.

Similarly unimpressive is the "prophetic" dream which traditionally comes to light after some natural disaster has occurred.

Given the half billion hours of dreaming each night in this country - 2 hours per night for 200 million people - we should expect as much.

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Even if you ask 20 people, the probability is still low -- less than 5%.

The next person has only 363 open days, so the probability of not colliding is 363/365.

The items in the bag are assumed to be thoroughly mixed before every trial.

In 32,000 of these letters he predicts a rise in some stock index for the following week, say, and in 32,000 of them he predicts a decline.

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Whatever happens, he sends a follow-up letter but only to those 32,000 to whom he's made a correct "prediction." To 16,000 of them he predicts a rise for the next week, and to 16,000 a decline.So we feel like it is very rare to meet anyone with the same birthday as our own.

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