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Miss Travel was founded in 2013 by online dating entrepreneur Brandon Wade, who saw a need for a service that connects travel-seeking singles so they can explore the world together.

More » Although Perfect Match caters to singles of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, they do have a separate section for active singles as well -- although it may just be an introductory page to the main Perfect Match website, so let us know if you've used Perfect Match to find an active single and what your experiences were.

The site has also had a significant impact on the online dating space, addressing the need for niche travel sites, which are important to these daters’ success.

Thanks to specialty sites like Miss Travel, singles with specific interests have somewhere to go to find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

Whether it’s the PR or product development department, everyone works closely together to do what’s best for the user at all times, including ensuring their safety.

Specifically, the team creates features you won’t find on a lot of other dating sites.

And now available in more than 135 countries, Miss Travel is only going to expand its already massive reach.