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11-Jun-2016 01:31

Or another way of putting it, fewer men impregnating more women, disproportionately lessening the number of childless women compared to childless men, resulting in a shortage of childless women (or the reverse, a surplus of single moms).

At first I tried to find some data on the number of childless men and women in America.

I'm all for giving women the green light to slut it up, ride the cock carousel, and do whatever they want to do sexually.

But without the traditional norms and social values, specifically shame and the insistence on a nuclear family, women actually think they've done nothing wrong bringing a child into a broken home, and are even insulted when you have a microscopic modicum of self-respect and say, "yeah, I'm not dating a single mom." Alas, the tragedy is no matter how right we may be, and no matter how much sanity this brings all those responsible childless men explaining "YES, there is indeed THAT MANY SINGLE MOMS," it doesn't change the fact there's that much of a shortage of childless single women.

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And I kept trying to see if I could find the data to prove whether my hunch was right or wrong.

We caught up quickly because he had to get back to work, but among the standard, job, health, "still riding motorcycles" sort of questions, inevitably the issue of him dating came up.

He said, "Yeah, I'm kind of seeing some one right now. Has a 4 year old child." Without yelling too loud so as not to disturb the public, I said, "Really? " He replied, "Yeah, well, at our age (41) most women have children.

I had ran into a buddy of mine earlier this afternoon who I haven't seen in about 2 years.

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He's a professional, works hard, stays in shape, and is the "in-demand" type of guy that every corporation wants to hire.I should have been looking at the opposite side of the same coin - the number of mothers and fathers in the country. As of 20 there were 85.4 million mothers impregnated by 67.8 million fathers.

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